About LuxWash company - self-service car washes

LuxWash - is an innovative and dynamically progressing European company located in Lviv, Ukraine. Throughout its history, LuxWash has earned the name of a reputable company, holding firmly in the market.
By 2020, the company has launched more than 180 car washing complexes.

The distinctive bright logo, recognizable design, and proven product quality are sure to cause consumers only positive associations. These factors combine to create a unique brand image with a perfect reputation.

All LuxWash products from well-balanced equipment to auto-chemistry and car care products meet the highest standards.Efficiency, innovation and a caring attitude to technology and the environment distinguish LuxWash from its competitors, which has been proven by repeated business tender victories.
Auto service equipment
All products are exclusively made by Germany and Italy, which is an important advantage over others, since it allows with German pedantry and Italian stability to always maintain a high level of quality, not only of the product itself but also of all processes. All products have certificates and the highest degree of protection against counterfeit products.

Own modern production facilities where products for the car washing industry are manufactured throughout Europe and CIS countries. .